Program Overview is the flagship site of eLead Network – owner/operator of a suite of real estate sites and a trusted partner and leading provider of real estate lead generation for some of the industry’s top players including OpCity, Boomtown,,, Quicken & many more. 

We were founded by real estate brokers that were tired of the high cost, shared lead, long-term contract model and are pleased to offer an alternative with our simple and straight forward lead programs combined with high touch lead conversion concierge services. 


We employed these programs in our own brokerage to grow it into a top producing firm in our market in just one year and were able to sell the company in year two.  


Are you tired of the Zillow-type of options dominating the market too?  Our program offers agents and brokers an easy solution to get activity and grow your business.

  • Choose your coverage area, can be any combination of cities/towns or counties…there is no limit on territory size.
  • Receive real-time buyer leads, sold only once, are sent instantly via e-mail and/or posted to your existing CRM if you have one. Check out our list of current CRM integrations.  If you do not have a CRM, you can use our Lead Conversion Dashboard or App if you prefer to see all your leads at any time, make notes and interact with our Lead Conversion Team. 
  • Lead data includes name, phone, email and location of interest, preferred property type, price range, desired beds/baths and if applicable, property of interest details.
  • In parallel to your calling efforts, leads will also go to our Lead Conversion Team for ISA lead qualifying services.  The team will make 20 contact attempts (texts, e-mails) over a 90 day period to help reach and qualify more of your leads!  A live transfer will be attempted when a lead has been reached and qualified.
  • The Lead Conversion service is included with our agent level lead packages and can be complimentary if you have your own ISA team calling your leads as well.   It’s an optional add-on for Team & Broker packages if you have an existing ISA solution in place.
  • Through the Lead Conversion Dashboard or App, you can also alert the team when you have reached a buyer first so that they cease contact attempts. If we have an integration with your CRM, all of the Lead Conversion Team’s interactions and notes will automatically update to your CRM and you will not need to log into our dashboard.
  • No start up costs and easily cancel any time – no term commitment. When available, take advantage of our Free Trial where you can get the 1st month for free and will be able to cancel prior to month two…but we think you’ll want to continue 🙂   Upgrade to a package with more leads at any time after you have some confidence in our program.
Read the FAQs next to learn more…..

What makes you different than other options? Most of what we see out there can be complex involving ad spend, impressions instead of leads or require agents to have more sites to manage.  You have no control over lead volume and aren’t sure what to expect. Our solution is designed for simplicity so you can focus on what you do best.  You sign up for a specific number of leads per month and we deliver those for you and with our lead qualifying service, even help you reach more of them.  Easy to start, easy to pause or cancel if you need to.


I get leads where I have to pay a referral, can you offer that? Those are great, we love those as brokers too!  However, you have no control over how many you are going to get per month and it’s usually not many.  With our solution you can control how many leads you get per month and get them every month.


How are your leads generated? One of our strengths is traffic acquisition. We drive a high volume of home buyer traffic from SEM, SEO, and partnerships with real estate related sites.


What do leads look like? An example would be:  John Doe | 555-555-1212 | | Looking to buy in Los Angeles | Single Family Homes | Price Range: $500,000 | 3 Beds | 2 Baths | 3000 Sq Ft


How fast will I get the leads?  This can vary quite a bit by market but most of our agents will get 1 to 5 leads per day. So, it’s possible if have a 25 buyer package that you get them all in the first week or two and can focus on follow ups for the rest of the month until lead flow starts again the next month.


What is the conversion ratio?  This can vary greatly by market and most importantly by process.  You need to respond fast, follow up often, and provide value. That said, our leads fall in line with most online real estate leads with between 1% and 5% close ratio.  If you close only 1%, there is ROI. If  you close 2% or more, there will be significant ROI.  Don’t forget to include the referrals that will start to spin off from our leads over time that will become a part of your client base.


What happens after I order a subscription here?  Our team will set you up typically same day, no more than 24 hours. You will receive an e-mail with your log-in information to log into our dashboard to see your leads and see our Lead Conversion Team’s interactions with your leads.  In that welcome e-mail we’ll confirm the e-mail address where you want to receive leads, your cell phone number and the area that you cover and you can reply to advise our team of any changes to make.  In that message, we’ll also ask if you want your leads posted to your existing CRM and if you reply yes, we’ll request the information we need to get that set up for you.


Do I have to log in and use your dashboard?  No, you will get the leads via E-mail or straight into your existing CRM but our dashboard is available if you want to log in and see your leads, see the Lead Conversion Team’s interactions with your leads, advise our team to stop attempting contact because you made contact yourself.   If you don’t have a CRM you can use our dashboard to keep track of leads, make notes, add tags and more.


What does the Lead Conversion Team do?  It’s very important to understand that this service is meant to be complimentary to help you reach and qualify more leads.  Our team does not make phone calls to leads, we feel it’s best that any live phone conversations should be with the local expert agent – that’s you!  Our team will make 20 contact attempts over 90 days via text and e-mail messaging.  These are live team members who will engage with those that respond to get them ready to send over to you as a hot buyer for you to then call. We strongly recommend that you make call attempts and let our team handle the rest – you should call within minutes of receipt of each lead when possible and make multiple call attempts.

Agent Plans

Starter Agent Plan

Ideal for agents or teams to give us a test run
$ 445 month-to-month
  • 25 Real-time Buyer Leads
  • E-mailed or Posted to Your CRM
  • Includes 20 Touch Lead Conversion Service
  • Cancel Any Time

Power Agent Plan

Ideal for agent upgrades
$ 795 month-to-month
  • 50 Real-time Buyer Leads
  • E-mailed or Posted to Your CRM
  • Includes 20 Touch Lead Conversion Service
  • Cancel Any Time

Team Plans

Starter Team Plan

Leads Only
$ 1245 month-to-month
  • 100 Real-time Buyer Leads
  • E-mailed or Posted to Your CRM
  • Requires Team Has Existing ISA Solution
  • Cancel Any Time

Power Team Plan

Leads Only
$ 2495 month-to-month
  • 200 Real-time Buyer Leads
  • E-mailed or Posted to Your CRM
  • Requires Team Has Existing ISA Solution
  • Cancel Any Time

Starter Team Plan + ISA

Lead Qualifying Service Included
$ 1545 month-to-month

Power Team Plan + ISA

Lead Qualifying Service Included
$ 2995 month-to-month

Broker Plans

Broker Plan

Leads Only
$ 3745 month-to-month
  • 300 Real-time Buyer Leads
  • E-mailed or Posted to Your CRM
  • Requires Team Has Existing ISA Solution
  • Cancel Any Time

Broker Plan + ISA

Lead Qualifying Service Included
$ 4595 month-to-month

The Fine Print

-Our inquiries are users that have completed a buyer inquiry form on one of our feeder sites before coming to  We’ll send you their home buying criteria, just not a specific property of interest address. 


Lead Conversion Service

Web leads can really help you grow your business exponentially but they are not a magic bullet, they take consistent and timely outreach and hard work. We realize the importance of this and also that not every agent has the time or inclination to do what’s necessary to convert as many leads as possible.


Your success is our success and so we provide our subscribers with complimentary Lead Conversion & ISA services to maximize your ROI and to make our partnership a long term engagement. If you already use an ISA service on your leads, ours can be complimentary to your team’s efforts as well!

It’s critical that you call our leads as soon as you can and we recommend you make multiple call attempts.  Our team’s text & e-mail services should be complimentary to your efforts to exponentially increase the chances that together we capture more clients…. but any live conversations should be with you, the local expert!


Your leads will go to you in real-time and we’ll route them to our Lead Conversion Team at the same time.  Over the course of 90 days, the team will use a combination of 20 texts and e-mails to make contact, engage and ultimately qualify that the buyer is ready to connect with you.  They’ll facilitate a live transfer connection to you or send you an instant alert to reach out to the ready buyer.


You’ll have access to the Lead Conversion Dashboard or Mobile App and through the web where you can see all the lead info at any time, make notes, see the Lead Conversion Team’s interactions with client and press a button to notify the team to cease attempts if you’ve already made successful contact on your own.

  • Immediate Contact

  • Long Term Follow Up

  • Conversion Reports (See screenshot below from live client’s dashboard)

  • Mobile App

  • Real Time Activity Synced to your CRM

  • Real Human Concierge & Qualification Efforts

  • Customizable Scripts

  • Instant Notifications

Our CRM Integrations

If you don’t see your CRM here, we’ll do the work to get an integration done!

Letter From Our Co-founder


Fellow Agent/Broker,


I’m excited to announce our new real estate portal and its products for agents and brokers. I’ve been a real estate broker for 20 years and I’ve also been a real estate technology executive for the past 10 years with lots of experience in the traffic acquisition, lead generation and lead conversion space.



As a broker, I’ve both built and sold successful real estate brokerages on the back of that lead generation and lead conversion experience, and I believe I am uniquely positioned to put together lead programs that I know can help other agents be successful in growing their business and income too.



I also understand there are a lot of options out there for you and many of them are confusing, competitive to acquire spots in your coverage area, and just plain cost prohibitive for a lot of agents.  At eLead Network, we offer an alternative to the high cost, shared lead, long term commitment type of programs offered by the Zillows of the world to help ANY agent be able to get activity immediately and offer a program that is as easy as it is effective and with Lead Conversion Services included with our leads, our offering is unique and we are committed to helping our agents succeed and become long term partners.



Our newest site, is a national search portal, where buyers come to browse homes for sale and turn into buyer leads for our agent subscribers.  So, how does it work?  You tell us the area you cover, and unlike most options out there that offer subscriptions by zip code, there is no territory limit, you can give us full counties or lists of all the zips and cities that you cover.  We will set up a campaign to drive buyer traffic to our sites in your territory and leads will start flowing.  We’ll deliver the lead information to you in real-time via e-mail as they occur live on our site, and if you have a CRM you use to manage leads and clients, we’ll post the leads right into your CRM.  And as mentioned, the leads will simultaneously go to our ISA partner team for a 20 touch campaign over 30 days to help you reach and convert more buyers.


And leads are only sold once, not to up to 4 times like with some other sites.   Again we have no long term commitments, set up or hidden fees.  If you start with our 25 leads per month plan, you are charged only $395 per month, and you can cancel any time simply by sending an e-mail to cancel @


Easy right? So what now?  Review and purchase one of our plans above or fill out an inquiry form on the page to get a call from our team to answer any questions before purchasing a plan.  Most agents will start with our Starter Agent Plan of 25 leads per month to give us a try and upgrade later to one of our other packages if they want more leads per month and to also save 20% on their per lead costs.  Feel free to reach out to me directly to jody @ with any questions or to schedule a zoom call with me. Thanks for reading…. We hope to hear from you soon!



All the best,

Jody Desnoyers

eLead Network

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