Do Not Sell My Personal Information

As set forth in more detail in our Privacy Policy, we may share your personal information with our affiliates, advertising partners and other third parties. Our affiliates, advertising partners and certain other third parties use and may also further share this information for their own purposes.

Applicable law (including, without limitation, the California Consumer Privacy Act) may consider some of this information sharing to be a “sale” and gives consumers (including residents of the state of California) the right to prevent businesses from selling their personal information. If you do not wish for us or our third-party partners to sell your personal information to others for such purposes, please indicate your preferences by sending an email to donotsell @ with your full name, email and phone. We will act upon your opt-out request as soon as feasibly possible, but no later than 10 days from receipt.

Please note that after making your “Do Not Sell” request, you may still see advertising and we may continue to share personal information with our service providers who use such information on our behalf. To learn more about interest-based advertising across sites and additional opt-out choices, you can visit and