Luxury Homes for Sale: $100M+ Homes

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December 13, 2020

Luxury Homes for Sale: $100M+ Homes

So here’s the thing, if you don’t have a home, buy one. If you already own one, buy a second one. Okay, you may be owning two already, gift yourself the third one. Then lend your friends and relatives money to buy homes as well. While in the mood of home hunt and philanthropy, let’s satisfy your wildest imagination on what $100M+ homes look like.

Why Do They Cost That Much?

The Buckingham Palace, home to the Queen of Great Britain, is said to be the most expensive residence in the world. Well, at least we understand why that has to be so- the Queen lives there. But these homes that cost as much as a pot of gold, what’s their story?

Investopedia researched the world’s most expensive homes and concluded that the most affluent people either own them or they have been built in most priced lands. Simple, you want to own a swanky home? Become rich, climb the social status ladder, whether through ascribed or achieved status, the bottom line is, secure the big bags.

Features on $100M+ Homes

When considering buying or selling a house that costs serious money, it has to come second to nothing. Every aspect of the home has to be thoroughly thought through. We are talking about a state-of-the-art home design, modern and timeless roof, impeccable landscaping, and a technologically-powered home, among a myriad of things to bring to life.

It has to be over and beyond, to surpass human imagination. If it does not have a wine cellar, swimming pool, home gym, and probably an equestrian stable, is it even worth half that amount? Something has to set these homes apart from the rest.

These luxury homes may have similar amenities like swimming pools, but what makes the home’s price go far north is how these amenities have been put and what they are made of. For instance, the famous East Village Penthouse in New York sits on 2550 square footage of land. According to, the beachfront house is designed to let in sea breezes with retractable glass walls.

It has automated windows and a 24-hour indoor and outdoor surveillance system. The Jacuzzi rests on a glass wall. The home even has features to keep Peeping Toms at bay, for whatever is in should only stay in your imagination, at least until you buy one.

Where Are They Located?

Another striking feature of these opulent $100M+ homes is their locations. Most of them are usually in tranquil environments away from the buzz of the city. Beachfront or trees mostly surround them. The atmosphere alone is therapeutic enough, and fresh air is just in plenty like the money they hold. In the case of the ones built around busy cities, the homes are customized with systems that bar all forms of unnecessary distraction from sipping into the palaces.

What Do They Offer?

Luxurious homes provide more than a roof over your head-any other house can provide that. There’s also the sustainability aspect. Since most of them run on excess water and power, they always come installed with backup plans that may act as alternatives or completely replace the usual electricity and water sources. For instance, a standard luxury home resting on vast land has enough space to grow food and use the water in its surroundings. You won’t need to install sewer lines, power lines, or gas lines. When living in such palatial residences, you deserve freedom and independence.

One such exquisite $100M+ home is located at 27560 Pacific Coast Hwy, Malibu, CA, 90265. It has everything that oozes class and affluence. The single-family home is a contemporary Mediterranean, going for $125,000,000. The home sits on a generous space of 2.98 acres of land, with seven bedrooms and ten bathrooms. It has luxurious furnishings, a pool, a guesthouse, and a guardhouse. To top on to security, it’s gated.

The interior is just as magnificent, with drain tiles, fireplace, tubs, and separate showers, walk-in closets, a recording studio, a pantry, an entertainment room, a spacious office, wine room, living room. The owner, Sanela Diana Jenkins, is a renowned California based philanthropist and entrepreneur who turned her story into triumph after fleeing her home in Bosnia as a refugee and established herself in London.  There are similar residential homes within its vicinity, as well as other amenities like Malibu High School.

You probably know by now that $100M+ homes are not the ordinary houses available on every corner. They command opulence through to the smallest components. Visit BrowsingHome to catch a glimpse and purchase your heaven on earth.